Jakim denies receiving 'evidence' about Mawla Amin's lineage

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has denied receiving any "evidence" about the lineage of Muhammad Amin al-Idrisi, an Algerian man who claims to be a descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

This came after Nur Al Mustafa Malaysia, an organisation promoting Muhammad Amin, also known as "Mawla Amin", said last week that it had submitted to Jakim documents that prove the claim.

"Following Nur Al Mustafa Malaysia's statement at a press conference about the lineage of 'Mawla Amin' and its claim that it has submitted documents to Jakim, we would like to clarify that Jakim did not receive any such documents," it said in post on its Facebook page.

Previously, Harian Metro reported that the police were monitoring the activities of a man known as "Mawla Amin" among his followers who claims to be Moroccan and the 38th descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

But it was revealed that he has French-Algerian citizenship and has no connection to the prophet.

This was confirmed by the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Ministry's Asean Affairs Division to Harian Metro's Skuad Khas.

It is understood that Mohamed Amin Ouradj was born in 1984 in Algiers, Algeria. He later moved to France with his family.

A principal of a madrasah in Selangor who allegedly actively promoted Mawla Amin was accused of unlawfully collecting funds and attempting to establish the "Kerajaan 9" group in Melaka as preparation for the "end times" for his followers.

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