Ramen chain Kanbe says 'action taken' on HR policies [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: A ramen chain that came under criticism on social media for its human resources (HR) policies says it has "taken action" on the matter.

In a Facebook post, Kanbe said it believed in "transparency and open communication" and this is why it wanted to address the discussions surrounding salary practices.

"We understand there may have been some confusion and concern regarding the circulation of information about deductions in our employees' salaries.

"Our salary system is designed to reward hard work and dedication, and we compensate our staff with salaries above market practices," it said, adding this included a combination of basic-pay and incentives.

"The discussions (online) have focused on deductions within these incentives."

The popular ramen chain came under scrutiny for its controversial policy of allegedly imposing sick leave and toilet break fees on its staff for conduct breaches.

Subsequently, the chain said it lodged a police report on the matter.

NST previously withheld the name of the chain pending comment.

Kanbe said it wanted to create a "fair and equitable" environment where employees are appropriately rewarded for their efforts.

It said all staff are briefed on the salary system during the hiring process.

"Nevertheless, we want to reassure you that we have already taken action to address these concerns."

However, Kanbe did not detail the action it has taken to address the concerns raised over its salary system.

"Moving forward, we remain dedicated to providing competitive salaries and maintaining the trust you have placed in us."

It said those who have further queries may reach out to them.

Earlier today, Human Resources Minister Steven Sim issued a warning to all employers not to arbitrarily deduct workers' salaries, unless stipulated under the Employment Act 1955.

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