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#NSTviral: Popular ramen chain gets backlash for imposing sick leave, toilet break fines on staff [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: A popular ramen chain has recently come under scrutiny for its controversial policy of allegedly imposing sick leave fees and other arbitrary penalties on its staff for conduct breaches.

A social media user yesterday voiced out dissatisfaction and shared a photo of the list of responsibilities for staff and the fines they need to pay if they did certain things.

The post went viral on multiple social networking platforms with many urging authorities to take action.

According to the posting, the food and beverage business imposed penalty fees that range between RM30 to RM500.

While some conduct breaches are expected, netizens said others such penalties for a toilet break and sick leave were shocking and unethical.

The controversy has sparked a debate about the rights of workers and the responsibilities of employers.

"Any lawyers here? Pretty sure this is against the law, right? Especially labour law. And a company's policies are not above the law," said a Reddit user.

The New Straits Times has since reached out to the management of the business accused in the posting, but has yet to receive a response.

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