Teen who rejects Hari Raya clothes, dies after brave battle with cancer

KOTA BHARU: "A few days ago, I suggested buying Hari Raya clothes for her, but Bariah refused, saying that she might not have the chance to wear them later," said Nurul Huda Ibrahim.

The words of Khairul Bariah Mohd Sukri, 19, became a reality when the teenager, who had been battling nasal cancer for seven months, passed away at 3.30am while receiving treatment at the hospital.

Nurul Huda, 38, said her eldest daughter had been admitted to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (Hospital USM) Kubang Kerian for four days due to her deteriorating condition.

"Bariah's cancer had spread into her mouth, causing her to lose her appetite, and she had just finished her second round of chemotherapy.

"I told her to buy Hari Raya clothes, while her aunt wanted to gift her prayer garments, but Bariah refused, saying she might not have the chance to wear them later.

"Apparently, those words were true, and Bariah left us at 3.30am after complaining of breathing difficulties, and I managed to teach her to recite the Shahadah before she took her last breath," she said when contacted today.

Nurul Huda said that a few months ago, her daughter's condition seemed to be improving, but recently it worsened, and even her eyeballs were almost protruding.

Khairul Bariah's story, who is also the eldest of two siblings, was recently featured in the newspaper and received sympathy from many when the effects of the silent killer cells also caused her to lose her sense of sight.

Nurul Huda said that since suffering from nasal cancer, her daughter thanked her every day for taking care of her tirelessly, and the words of apology never left her lips.

"I told her she never burdened us, and it was my duty to take care of her while advising her to stay strong.

"I never expected Bariah to leave so soon without being able to celebrate Ramadan and Eid with the family, but we accept her departure," she said, adding that the funeral would be held at the Kampung Kedai Buloh Islamic Cemetery here.

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