Forest City developer denies claim of crocodile attacks

JOHOR BAHRU: An international property developer has denied viral claims on social media of crocodile attacks in Forest City.

Country Garden Pacific View Sdn. Bhd. (CGPV) denied that there were 20 to 30 victims of crocodile attacks, injuries, and deaths in the Forest City area here as alleged in a viral video.

In a statement, it clarified that the explanatory video regarding crocodiles released by two bloggers is unfounded.

They said the circulation of the video was malicious and aimed to create negative perceptions among the public, tarnishing the company's reputation and disrupting business operations.

"Throughout our eight years of operation, Forest City has never received any complaints of attacks, injuries, or deaths caused by reptiles.

"The company's representative has filed a police report, and the matter is currently under police investigation. The company reserves the right to take legal action against those responsible," the statement read.

CGPV also urged all social media users, content creators, and influencers to verify their sources of information and exercise caution before making posts on social media.

"A social media user should not spread false, unfounded, and malicious information if they do not wish to face legal consequences."

In a viral 47-second video, two men are seen conversing in Mandarin.

One of the men states that there have been 20 to 30 cases of people being attacked by crocodiles in the area and recounts incidents where children suddenly disappeared from the beach.

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