Padu registrations surge overnight as deadline nears tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR: The number of individuals updating their information in the Central Database Hub (Padu) has surged as the deadline for registration approaches, which is tomorrow.

Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli said as of 11.59pm, over 9.8 million citizens in the country have successfully updated their information in Padu.

"The registration and updating rate for Padu has spiked over the past two days, possibly due to growing awareness and concerns on missing out.

"It is not too late to register. Visit or go to the nearest Padu counter in your area," he said on Facebook today.

On Jan 2, Padu was launched by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, as a database related to basic demographics, education, employment, income, commitments and assistance received by the people.

It aims to serve as the nation's primary database for periodic analytics and digitisation, minimising waste, formulating policies and decision-making processes based on data analysis, and maintaining fiscal balance through targeted policy implementation.

Rafizi has previously said that the forthcoming subsidy targeting will rely on information available in the Padu system.

Meanwhile, the official Padu Facebook page reveals that Selangor is the state with the highest number of Padu updates, totaling 1.56 million, followed by Johor (1.10 million), Perak (0.98 million), Sarawak (0.90 million), Sabah (0.83 million), and Kedah (0.76 million).

Other states include Kelantan with 0.76 million, Kuala Lumpur (0.57 million), Penang (0.56 million), Pahang (0.55 million), Terengganu (0.46 million), Negeri Sembilan (0.42 million), Melaka (0.30 million), Perlis (0.11 million), Putrajaya (0.3 million) and Labuan (0.2 million).

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