Ministers call for stern action against troublemaker

KUALA LUMPUR: Police must take stern action on all those using, exploiting and instigating racial or religious slurs in the country.

The call came from both the National Unity Minister Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs) Dr Mohd Na'im Haji Mokhtar, who issued a joint statement today.

The two ministers have condemned all incidents of racial and religious polemics, including the attack at a KK Mart in Kuching, as these could disrupt the peace and harmony of the people.

"Since the past few weeks, the country has experienced and continues to experience various issues which have sparked tension touching on racial and religious sensitivities.

"Individuals or parties carrying out such an irresponsible act and instigating tension must be dealt with according to the law," they said.

Aaron and Mohd Na'im urged the police to take strict action against all those responsible in the case.

"The parties involved should be given appropriate punishment and this should serve as a lesson to deter others from doing the same in future."

The ministers gave a stern warning against people bringing up issues in the past to a point of creating tension within the multiracial and multireligious community.

"The ministry's Interfaith Harmony Committee (JK HARMONI) will also be holding an emergency meeting with the Department of Islamic Development to discuss this situation and take immediate steps in guaranteeing peace and harmony in the country," they said.

In addition, both ministers reiterated their stance that there should not be any kind of provocation involving race and religious sensitivities; and for the people to always adhere to the Federal Constitution.

"As a society, we must always cultivate and practice good values while respecting differences in the multiracial community.

"It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect and defend the country's peace and security against any threat, arguments, provocations and hostility," they said.

On March 27, Sultan Ibrahim, King of Malaysia had called on all parties to stop exploiting the "Allah" socks issue.

He had said that he instructed for action to be taken in accordance with the law, and that there was no need for any party to continue fueling anger regarding the issue.

His Majesty had also said all parties should learn from the incident and strive to strengthen unity.

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