Singapore restricts sale, supply of Port Dickson mussels

SINGAPORE: Singapore has imposed limitations on the distribution and purchase of mussels from Port Dickson, Malaysia, as they have been found to contain harmful biotoxins.

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said it has received confirmation from the Department of Fisheries (DOF) Malaysia on the matter and is working with importers to verify the source of their mussel imports and ensuring that they are not imported from the area.

The agency said it has not detected any biotoxins in seafood imports, including mussels, in the past few weeks but will continue to monitor the situation, including the monitoring of water quality in farming areas.

"Singapore imports mussels from various countries and regions, such as China, Malaysia, Japan and Vietnam. The industry is able to obtain their supply from different sources," it said in a statement, in reply to media queries.

DOF deputy director-general (Management) Wan Aznan Abdullah on Thursday said water samples and mussels in the Port Dickson waters were contaminated with biotoxins as well as harmful Prorocentrum, Alexandrium and Pseudo-nitzschia algae species but it does not affect other marine life.

Water samples were also taken in the waters of Melaka and Johor, and they were found to be safe and there was no proliferation of the algae.

Earlier, Negeri Sembilan DOF was reported to have taken samples of mussels and water in the waters of Port Dickson following an alleged case of food poisoning due to the seafood.

The state Health Department also said that there were eight cases of food poisoning related to the consumption of mussels with two cases admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), regular wards (five) and outpatients (one). – BERNAMA

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