Children gift single mum a new home

BINTULU: A single mother's dedication to raising her four children alone after her husband's death has inspired her children to build a more comfortable home as a token of their gratitude and as a means to reciprocate her kindness.

The effort was spearheaded by Mohd Fikri Morni, 29, and his elder brother, Mohd Tirmizi, 34, and supported by their two sisters.

They constructed a new home to provide their mother with a more comfortable environment as their old residence had become increasingly dilapidated.

This year's Hari Raya Aidilfitri was particularly meaningful as they were able to celebrate it in their new home, having moved in just a day before the celebration.

Fikri, along with his brother, accumulated savings and secured a bank loan to realise their goal of providing a more comfortable home for their beloved mother, Dayang Sarimah Awang Ibrahim, 63.

"My father passed away when my mother was eight months pregnant with me, and since then, she has raised us single-handedly, initially as a restaurant assistant, before taking a job as a student management assistant," said Fikri when interviewed.

He added; "With her income, she always tried to provide the best for the four of us, focusing on our needs rather than on house repairs.

"Therefore, seeing our mother happy and tearful made us emotional, but we were satisfied because we had the chance to make her happy while she is still with us," added Fikri, who is a civil servant.

Their old house, constructed by their father about 30 years ago, had deteriorated, with the structure becoming tilted.

Fikri, who lives with his mother in Kampung As-Syakirin, said that they rebuilt the house on the same site after tearing down the old one, describing it as bittersweet to lose the home filled with so many family memories.

He said iInitially, their mother was reluctant to their idea, not wanting them to go through the trouble.

"But eventually, she grave in. The construction began in July last year and was completed just a day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri," he recounted.

He added that the new home was designed according to their mother's specifications, including her wish for four rooms and hotel-like bathrooms.

Meanwhile, Dayang Sarimah said she never planned to renovate the house as her primary focus had always been on ensuring her four children received the best education and that their family needs were always met.

"Losing my husband when the children were still young was very challenging, and at that time I had no steady income. My children are a responsibility and a trust from Allah for me to care for and educate them properly," she said.

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