Gunung Ruang volcano eruption: Scores of flights from KL to Sabah, Sarawak cancelled [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Multiple flights to and from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Sabah and Sarawak  today have been cancelled due to the Mount Ruang volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

Malaysia Airlines cancelled 19 flights today, while AirAsia has cancelled 16.

Below is a list of affected Malaysia Airlines flights:

To/from Sabah 

• MH7420 (KUL-TWU) 
• MH7421 (TWU-KUL)
• MH2612 (KUL-BKI) 
• MH2621 (BKI-KUL) 
• MH2710 (KUL-SDK) 
• MH2711 (SDK-KUL) 
• MH2610 (KUL-BKI) 
• MH2611 (BKI-KUL) 
• MH7404 (KUL-BKI) 
• MH7405 (BKI-KUL) 
• MH2613 (BKI-KUL) 

To/from Sarawak 

• MH2520 (KUL-KCH) 
• MH2513 (KCH-KUL) 
• MH2542 (KUL-KCH) 
• MH2543 (KCH-KUL) 
• MH2574 (KUL-MYY) 
• MH2575 (MYY-KUL) 
• MH2742 (KUL-BTU) 
• MH2473 (BTU-KUL) 

Malaysia Airlines, in a statement on X said the airline was working to accommodate passengers affected by the flight cancellations on alternative flights once the situation progressively improved.

"Passengers are urged to update their contact details via My Booking on Malaysia Airlines' website to receive timely updates from time to time via email and SMS.

"The safety of our passengers and crew remains of utmost importance to Malaysia Airlines.

Meanwhile, below is a list of affected AirAsia flights:

• AK5746 (KUL-TWU)
• AK5747 (TWU-KUL)
• AK9746 (KUL-TWU)
• AK9747 (TWU-KUL)
• AK5748 (KUL-TWU)
• AK5749 (TWU-KUL)
• AK5744 (KUL-TWU)
• AK5745 (TWU-KUL)
• AK6260 (BKI-TWU)
• AK6261 (TWU-BKI)
• AK6266 (BKI-TWU)
• AK6267 (TWU-BKI)
• AK6268 (BKI-TWU)
• AK6269 (TWU-BKI)
• AK6264 (BKI-TWU)
• AK6265 (TWU-BKI)

AirAsia said it was allowing passengers to make a one-time change to any new travel date within 30 days from the original departure date on the same route without additional costs, subject to seat availability.

It is also allowing affected passengers to retain the value of the flight booking in a credit account for future travel with the airline, to be redeemed within two years from the issuance date.

"Guests who wish to make booking changes online may do so at or the AirAsia Move app.

Mount Ruang, a stratovolcano in North Sulawesi Province, erupted several times on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Authorities had raised the alert level to its highest point after the dome spewed a column of smoke more than 1.6 kilometres into the sky, and forced hundreds to evacuate.

The alert level for the volcano, which has a peak of 725 metres above sea level, was then raised on Wednesday evening from three to four, the highest possible level in the four-tiered system.

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