No one safe from war on corruption, not even a Tun, says Anwar [NSTTV]

SHAH ALAM: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim admitted that fighting corruption in the country was not easy but said it would not deter him from ensuring justice is served.

He said no one would be able to escape the law, even if they were a "Tun".

Anwar also hit out at opposition leaders who tried to defend those who were corrupt and argued action should not be taken against those who are old and unwell.

"Are you saying that the sick can rape or steal? Where did you learn this from?

"Let me tell you this. If you rob the nation's wealth, it doesn't matter if you're sick or a Tun. I don't care. The law will come for you."

Anwar, who is PKR president, said corrupt practices had become systemic.

"Who is at fault? The previous leadership.

"They (former leaders) have been vocal in Parliament, but when they were in power, why didn't they fix it?" he said in his speech at a PKR convention marking the party's 25th anniversary.

"The battle against corruption is not easy. First, these people have enormous wealth and influence.

"Second, they have connections with people in the government and the opposition. That is why the opposition is relatively quiet about our fight against the corrupt."

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