Mother's efforts bear fruit as all 12 children achieve success

KOTA BHARU: The unwavering dedication of a 79-year-old mother yielded remarkable success when all 12 of her children flourished in their chosen professions.

Fauziah Awang said she and her late husband, Wan Ismail Wan Mahmood prioritised religious education and academic pursuits to ensure their children's prosperity in both this life and the hereafter.

Their commitment bore fruit as all their children have excelled, with three of them becoming lecturers at leading universities in the country, holding professorships in the fields of Sharia law, biotechnology, community development, and economics.

Meanwhile, four others are involved in business. Additionally, one became a religious teacher, one a youth officer, one a financial officer, one an engineer, and one is self-employed.

The grandmother to over 40 grandchildren has also been recognised as an exemplary mother and was awarded the Kelantan State Mawaddah Family Award in 2021.

Fauziah said that since her children were young, she and her husband provided religious education by teaching the Quran at home, while her late husband worked as an entrepreneur and construction contractor.

"After returning from school, I made sure my children recited the Quran and completed their schoolwork before engaging in other activities.

"I also monitored their friend to ensure they didn't choose the wrong companions as it would affect their studies and lives. Additionally, there are no special tips for raising children, but as parents, we need to be firm while also guiding them.

"Alhamdulillah, all my children are obedient, and I always advise them accordingly," said Fauziah, who resides in Kampung Pangkal Changgong, Machang.

She said it is essential to give advice and guidance to children to ensure they always remember what is right and wrong in their daily lives.

"Children will see us as role models to build their lives. So as parents, we need to always watch our speech," she said.

Fauziah is grateful that all her children have succeeded in pursuing education at the highest level, including obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

She said her 12 children: Wan Rosmawati Wan Ismail, 62; Rosminah, 60; Wan Zaiton, 58; Wan Kamaruzaman, 56; Wan Abdul Rahman, 53; Dr Wan Ahmad Kharsani, 51; Professor Dr Wan Abdul Fattah, 49; Wan Mohd Khairi, 46; Professor Dr Wan Iryani, 45; Professor Dr Wan Ahmad Amir Zal, 42; Wan Nurul Huwaina, 41; and Wan Zulkarnain, 36, are all married and have their own lives.

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