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#NSTviral: Lesson not learnt? Jocelyn Chia reuploads 'offensive' MH370 joke clip on TikTok

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial stand-up performer Jocelyn Chia seems to show no remorse for her recent offensive "comic" act.

The lawyer-turned-comedian earlier today reuploaded the "offensive" MH370 joke clip to her TikTok page.

This was just eight hours after a controversy erupted over her video across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She shared the video on TikTok with the caption: "The funniest part was after my set the host asked the Malaysians how they got to NYC and they replied 'Singapore Airlines' "

However, Chia disabled public comments on the post.

"Comments aren't available because you're not mutual friends with Jocelyn Chia," a message read.

The TikTok video has garnered 300,000 views and 729 likes so far.

Following the viral video of her stand-up performance at the Comedy Cellar club in New York, Chia has gone offline on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since yesterday.

In the video, she made "jokes" about the Malaysia-Singapore relationship. She also referenced Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which went missing on March 8, 2014, saying Malaysian airplanes "can't fly."

It remains unclear whether Chia's social media accounts were suspended or if she deactivated them herself.

As of now, Chia's YouTube account @JocelynChiaComedy, with 2.09K subscribers and 41 videos, and her active TikTok account @jocelynchiacomedy are still accessible.

Reportedly a regular performer at renowned comedy clubs in New York City, including the Comedy Cellar and Gotham Comedy Club, Chia has faced criticism for her recent remarks.

Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia Vanu Gopala Menon today expressed his dismay at the "gratuitously offensive comments" made by Chia.

"The Singapore Government does not condone words or actions that cause harm or hurt to others and Chia," he said, stressing that Chia was "no longer Singaporean" and that she did not "in any way reflect our (Singapore's) views."

Meanwhile, Malaysia's Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir had expressed regret and condemned her actions.

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