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#NSTviral: Supermarket staff finds bag containing RM18,000, returns it

KUALA LUMPUR: A supermarket staff who stumbled upon a bag containing RM18,000 in cash chose the path of honesty by promptly returning it to the rightful owner.

The incident, which unfolded at the AEON Alpha Angle in Wangsa Maju here, was highlighted on the AEON Delight Malaysia Facebook page.

It said that the staff, Ram Akawal Mandal had discovered the bag, containing RM18,000 in cash, foreign currencies and personal documents, in a trolley.

He then handed it over to the customer service desk to be returned to the rightful owner.

When the owner, a woman, came by later, she confirmed that nothing was missing from the bag and thanked the staff.

"It is truly rewarding to have a staff member who embodies the principles of honesty and responsibility. Ram Akawal Mandal, we are so proud of your honesty and integrity." the company wrote.

The post was then shared on Twitter where it received much praise from netizens.

One Twitter user @zzzzsleeepyy had this to say to the staff: "Do good and the rest doesn't matter."

Facebook user MD Ariful Islam said: "Honesty is the true identity of a person, so best of luck bro".

Meanwhile, in another post, the company's senior management held an appreciation luncheon for Ram Akawal.

"Congratulations to Ram Akawal Mandal for demonstrating a high standard of integrity in the workplace! It takes dedication and hard work to uphold such principles." the post read.

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