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#NSTviral: 2 men on big bike spotted leaving supermarket while towing shopping trolley on the road

KUALA LUMPUR: Two men riding a high-powered motorcycle have been caught on video demonstrating an unusual and dangerous way of getting their groceries home from the supermarket.

They were recorded leaving a supermarket together while towing a shopping trolley filled with groceries near USJ, Subang Jaya, Selangor last Thursday.

A dashcam recording dated Aug 31 uploaded on the We Are Malaysian Facebook group shows a man riding a high-powered motorcycle slowly while his friend who was riding pillion, pulls the trolley.

The video which has garnered over 16,000 views did not show anyone stopping the two individuals as they rode along the main road.

Mydin on its official X (Twitter) page decided to poke fun at the incident.

"Features of Mydin trolley: Balanced alignment, sturdy, can go 25 kilometres per hour (km/h)"

Some grocery items believed to have been bought from the supermarket involved were also seen in the cart, which led to speculation of a theft case by netizens.

Others decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, claiming that they were probably borrowing the trolley since the motorcycle did not have space to carry their groceries.

"The burning question is whether the items in the trolley have been paid for?" user @Roslan Mohd Isa said.

"Maybe they are borrowing it (trolley) for a while because there is no space on the superbike for the items. They'll return it. If not, just claim it back," user @wiiiiinaaaaaa said.

User @Felicia Tai Poh Chee said: "Not only dangerous to the two men but also other road users. And it is very dishonest for them to take the store cart."

"No free bag, only free trolley," user @Mariappan Chock joked.

So far, no police reports were made against the two individuals involved.

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