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#NSTviral: 'Can I send myself?'

KUALA LUMPUR: A request by a Lalamove customer to send himself as the 'package' has tickled the funny bone of netizens when it was shared by a Lalamove Malaysia staff.

The post by user @Wulan Sunshine showed a screenshot from a customer saying "Assalamualaikum, sir. The item I want to send is myself. Can I get a ride with your car to the address?"

The Facebook post made some readers wonder if it is even possible to send yourself as the 'item' using Lalamove Malaysia to a destination.

At the same time, netizens also shared their experiences on using Lalamove while humorously portraying themselves as the "packages" being delivered to their destination.

Lalamove is well-known for its delivery system used to deliver items such as food, online shopping-hauls, electronics, furniture and plenty more.

However, it has become common for the public to use Lalamove as their transport services especially during emergencies, as stated in the post's comment section.

User @Herman Hermawan a Lalamove drivers shared an incident in which a fresh graduate faced a job interview in the morning but his motorcycle breakdown.

Attempts to book a Grab car proved futile due to heavy morning traffic, potentially causing them to miss the interview.

In a kind gesture, the Lalamove driver offered a ride without requesting any payment. His empathy was driven by the sight of the well-dressed young job seeker grappling with a sudden motorcycle issue.

Another driver, user @Sha Shimin, "I once got a Chinese girl as my ride. I had arrived at the pickup point, and she opened the door, adjusted the seat next to me, and sat without looking at my face.

"I was like, 'What?' Then she said, 'Go, go, miss. I'll pay your toll, and I'll give you free water (boxed water) and free food (50 cent bread).' So I went along with it.

"Turns out, she did this regularly because there were no Grab drivers passing by her workplace. So, every evening, she prepared bread and water to appease the drivers."

Meanwhile, another story from a passenger, user @Gee Aziz went, "Two years ago during Ramadan, my 5-year-old child and I were stuck at Tesco and couldn't get a Grab ride.

"I had been trying to order a Grab since 4pm. Eventually, I ordered Lalamove and wrote a message similar to this.

A kind Lalamove driver came to pick us up, considering it was the fasting month, and she felt sorry for me and my child. It was a jam-packed time, and Grab was hard to come by.

" She was so nice. The distance between Tesco and my home is less than 10km. I gave her RM100 instead of the app's fee, which was around RM20+. People with kindness deserve our respect."

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