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#NSTviral: Netizens speculate over dashcam of motorcyclist falling off bike [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A dashcam footage of a male motorcyclist falling from his bike following an encounter with another motorcycle on his right, has sparked speculation from netizens, who suspect that the rider had intentionally caused harm to the fallen rider.

The dash cam footage managed to reach 3.1 million likes and garnered 91,700 likes since it was posted on TikTok by user @nikcun77.

In a brief 10-second clip, the video captured the unexpected moment when three motorcyclists, all clad in bright orange shirts, entered the frame, with the one in the middle experiencing a sudden and high-impact fall from his bike. 

After the fall, the motorcyclist tumbled on the road before he came to a halt.

From the footage, netizens are speculating that the motorcyclist from the right may have tugged either the fallen motorcyclist's slingbag or the back of the motorcycle, leading to the incident.

@cikcun77 advised motorcyclists who wear slingbags to be careful while riding in order to avoid similar incidents.

However, interpretations of the dash cam video vary widely, leading to a myriad of speculations from the netizens who watched the footage.

TikTok user @HE said "Try to look closely, he's not trying to snatch, but he's pulling the back of the bike. 

"It might be a grudge or some personal conflict issue perhaps. If you still can't see, try using the slow-speed video to make it clearer.

Another user @هاسيدا agreed saying  "He's pulling the back of the motorcycle, not the slingbag. It's like he's trying to harass the other guy on purpose. 

"Or maybe he's been planning to do that for a while.Hmm, I feel sorry for that person."

Meanwhile the comment section has been flooded with netizens sharing their experiences of having their bags snatched or almost-snatched while riding their motorcycles.  

User @zamaliahmai shared her traumatic incident in 2011.  "Once in 2011, I was a victim of a snatch thief. For years, I was traumatised and didn't carry a handbag. Even now, if I do, I'm very cautious."

On the other hand, user @Cik Lala said that a while back she used to ride her bike while wearing a slingbag.

"One day, I stopped at a traffic light, and there was an uncle who advised not to wear a sling bag at the back but in front instead, to avoid getting snatched," she said. 

Some netizens also suggested that the footage be submitted to the police for further investigation.

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