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#NSTviral: Netizens chide couple for changing baby's milk formula several times to boycott 'Israeli' products, putting the baby at risk

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians have slammed a couple who ignorantly joined the movement to boycott Israeli products at the expense of the safety of their 6-month-old baby.

A screenshot believed to be the baby's mom inquiring about her child's condition after having to change formula milk four times to avoid using products with Israeli ties was shared by a user on the X platform.

It is believed that the screenshot was taken from a Facebook group Kelab Ibu Mengandung Malaysia, where the mother posted a question, asking if anyone has experienced dealing with their child having bloody stool.

The mother also disclosed that she had no choice but to comply with her husband's "taklik" (condition for divorce) in order not to split with him.

"Has anyone here had experience dealing with their baby having bloody stool? My child is 6 months old, and since the beginning of the boycott campaign, we have changed formula milk four times.

"We visited the doctor and were given saline water and an ointment to apply. We were advised to switch to a different formula milk.

"But I am bound by the 'taklik', and if I give my child formula milk that should be boycotted, it will lead to a divorce," she wrote.

Many were upset by her post, with some even expressing their sadness for the child, who had become a victim of the parents' actions.

"These kinds of parents should not exist. Animals are better at taking care of their children," said X user Magician Wenger.

Some even suggested the woman look for a new husband instead.

"Sis, you should find a new husband.

"If a husband can threaten his wife with 'talak' and is willing to put his child in danger, it is obvious that he is toxic, and he has no right to have a family.

"He has no love. Please stop changing the formula milk as it would affect your child," said another X user, Sya.

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