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#NSTviral: Unique graduation celebration goes viral on social media

KUALA LUMPUR: A heartwarming graduation celebration captured on TikTok has garnered widespread attention and admiration across social media platforms.

The video, shared by user @notfaerr, showcased a remarkable and jubilant moment that has left a lasting impact on viewers.

It captured the exuberant celebration of a graduate, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional percussion instruments.

Surrounded by a group of enthusiastic friends and family members, the graduate was lifted and cheered on in a display of sheer happiness and support.

Onlookers too were drawn to the joyful scene, joining in to record the celebration.

In an accompanying text, @notfaer said she thought it was a celebrity at the convocation, only to realise later it was the graduate's moment of triumph.

"Even I felt happy and celebrated although it wasn't me who was graduating.

"I held my tears of joy throughout the time I was recording it," she wrote.

The uniqueness of the celebration sparked a wave of reactions from social media users who were moved by the display of happiness.

Comments poured in, with one user @priyasinnapayan commending the real essence of celebration and congratulating not just the graduate but also those who put in hard work.

"(This is how) real celebration looks like. Congratulations to those who had not only graduated but also to those who had worked hard. Celebrate each and every day like this,"

Another user, @sorayaisconfused said: "(It definitely) feels nice to be celebrated like this, congratulations!"

Even @ayumasayukalamudin was captivated by the rhythmic beats, expressing a yearning to join in and dance to the infectious rhythm.

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