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#NSTviral: Outrage as Israeli's video of 'Malaysian' allegedly supporting Israel and accusing Malaysians of Arab terrorism

KUALA LUMPUR: Netizens are outraged after an Israeli individual released a video in which a Chinese man claiming to be Malaysian, expresses support for Israel and claims that Malaysians are targets of extreme Arab terrorism and propaganda.

The six-minute video clip which showcases the "Malaysian" man, Victor Yong Jeng Ong, was created by an Israeli @HananyaNaftali, who shared the video.

Hananya wrote a caption on his video saying: "A brave Malaysian tells the truth about the anti-Israel lies in Malaysia. Israel and Malaysia will one day have diplomatic relations – once radicalism is uprooted."

Yong, who hails from Johor Baru, had substantially tarnished Malaysia in the video clip by implying that it supported Israel.

He said that the negative sentiment towards Israel stemmed from what he termed "misinformation" propagated by Hamas and Fatah, in order to manipulate the Malaysian mindset.

At the same time, the two individuals supporting Israel engaged in a discussion, expressing unrealistic beliefs about "potential" mutual benefits between Israel and Malaysia, particularly focusing on economic prospects.

Since its post on X (previously referred to as Twitter) yesterday, the video has garnered 3.4 million views, eliciting significant backlash and criticism, particularly from Malaysian citizens renowned worldwide for their pro-Palestinian stance and anti-Zionist sentiments.

User @drhasifi urges @HananyaNaftali to promptly remove the video, citing that its content has deeply affected the sensitivities of all Malaysians.

"Victor Yong Jen Ong does not represent the voice of Malaysia, and no Malaysian will recognise Israel. Let's do our part, safeguard the reputation of our country. Report this video to X for its deletion upon the community's demand," he added.

Meanwhile, user @itsyourfans commented on the video saying: "Sorry but we didn't even know the existence of Victor Yong Jen Ong in this country. Bear in mind, Malaysia will never ever have any relations with the non-existence country called Israel.

"We never recognised genocide, and child killer like you guys. Malaysia stands with Palestine."

@MuhdSyahir21 on the other hand firmly stated that the video was clearly a Zionist propaganda.

He said: "Lol, clearly it's just propaganda. Your friend is reading a script prepared by israelis?? Have a Malaysia flag side by side with israel?? Your friend have a pin on collar like the Taiwan flag?? Malaysian cant have 2 nationalities."

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