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#NSTviral: 'Shame on you, Malaysians!' [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: You're tired and hungry, and you just want to have a good meal. However, instead of having a proper place to sit, the sight of piling dirty plates, used napkins, and leftover food can be a major turn-off.

A TikTok user, @ariricat1808, recently highlighted some of Malaysians' ugly behaviour when eating at a food court located inside a premise known for selling home furniture.

In the 14-second video, the user said, "Since we were little, when we went to I***, our parents would always remind us to clean up after ourselves. Shame on you all."

The user then proceeded to record tables that were piled high with dirty plates and leftover food left by the previous customers.

A worker was seen trying his best to clean the dirty tables and clear away the used plates and leftover food.

Some customers took it upon themselves to help clear away the dirty dishes and wipe the tables using wet tissues.

In the comment section, users shared similar experiences when dining outside. One user, @urg0rgeous_r1n, said that her family always cleans up after themselves. "My family arranges the plates after we're done eating, and we never waste the food," she wrote.

Another user, @sambalikanbilis, said it was everyone's responsibility to clean up after themselves. "We even bring them to the disposal/collection area after wiping the table as best we can," he said.

Being in the food and beverage industry, user @RaineeDay said she has seen worse. "I've seen people leave diapers full of poop on tables. And when they're reminded to clean it off, the customer says it's not our job to do so," she commented.

Whether it is a food court or a five-star restaurant, we can always strive to be better. Cleaning up after we are done eating should be a practice that we Malaysians can slowly adapt to.

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