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#NSTviral: Malaysians roll out the welcome mat for David Beckham: From 'lepak mamak' to 'ronda-ronda KL'

KUALA LUMPUR: As news of Manchester United football legend Sir David Beckham being in town floods social media, fans from all walks of life seize the opportunity to welcome the superstar on his Instagram.

A quick look at Beckham's Instagram @davidbeckham reveals numerous excited fans leaving multiple welcome messages, some with humour, while others extend invitations for a 'teh tarik' session at the mamak.

Beckham, boasting over 86.7 million followers, consistently captures attention wherever he goes. Even popular actor Beto Kusyairy couldn't resist the chance to playfully tease the former Three Lions captain.

"Sorry, Dave. Aku ada meeting tadi masa kau nak datang umah. Kau lambat bagitau," (Sorry, Dave. I had a meeting just now when you wanted to come visit. You should've informed me earlier)," commented the Mat Kilau actor.

Another user, @fakhrulunic, invited Beckham to hang out at the mamak later. "Selalu macam tu, mai tak habaq awai...jom esok lepak mamak," (You're always like this. You did not tell me earlier that you were coming. Let's go hang out at the mamak tomorrow)," he wrote.

Fashion icon and entrepreneur, @wakdoyok, invited Beckham for a spin around KL on the Harley Davidson. Wak Doyok, or Mohd Azwan Md Nor, regularly posts about going on rides with his friends on the superbike.

"Tomorrow (today) is a public holiday in KL. Let's go for a ride!" commented Wak Doyok.

Meanwhile, one lucky fan, Shengyikoh, expressed disbelief at seeing his idol in front of him and signing his jersey.

"Thank you for making me a United fan forever. Thank you for inspiring me to always work hard, love family, and be humble. Love you Legend! Enjoy your stay in Kuala Lumpur!" he wrote.

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