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#NSTviral: Shocking video shows man allegedly assaulting pregnant woman, trying to drown her in pool [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: A disturbing video capturing a couple's altercation near a pool at a condominium complex has sparked widespread concern online.

The footage, shared by user @adibhazlami on X, shows the woman being brutally assaulted by her partner.

Shockingly, he drags the woman, allegedly pregnant, into the pool, where the altercation escalates with attempts to drown her.

Accompanying the video is a caption raising the alarm: "It appears this took place in Malaysia. He was trying to drown his pregnant girlfriend. Unbelievable! Isn't this attempted murder?"

Adding context to the disturbing scene, another user, @RaziTheBoss007, shared what was believed to be details of the incident.

"This happened yesterday, my friend heard screams outside so he walked over to the balcony to see this guy beating up this girl and repeatedly trying to drown her.

"He rushed down to break it up, and after a while, the guards finally showed up too. The girl told my friend that she had told him about her pregnancy and didn't want to abort it, after which he proceeded to assault her.

"My friend also told me the girl was defending the guy when the guards showed up and repeatedly asked to

leave them alone. This is all he could catch on tape but he said the whole thing lasted for 20-30 minutes before the guards showed up."

It is believed the incident happened at a condo in Subang Jaya.

Responses to the video were filled with calls for action.

A user with the handle @MattyRysen urged reporting the abuse to the police: "This counts as abuse…a police report should be made."

@CorporateslaveR emphasized the need to protect the victim and pursue legal action against the perpetrator.

"Does anyone know if she is safe now? Protect her at all costs. Hire a lawyer to put that man behind bars," she wrote.

The video has garnered more than a million views.

At press time, the New Straits Times had reached out to the police for comments.

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