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#NSTviral: Praise for saleswoman who helped customer's car blessing [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A saleswoman has earned praise for going the extra mile in preparing items for her customer's car blessing.

TikTok user @eiraproton has since gone viral on social media after she prepared a coconut and limes on a tray for her Indian customer when the family came to pick up their new car at the dealer's outlet in Kulim, Kedah.

In the video, @eiraproton could be seen carrying the tray with the items to the family who were waiting with their new car.

The customers happily received the items, and the coconut was cracked open in front of the car while the limes were each placed under each tyre so that it could be driven over.

"For the Indian customers," she wrote.

According to Hindu tradition, cracking a coconut is a symbolic act of offering oneself to God while limes are to ward off negative energy.

Many netizens took to the comments section of her video, praising her for understanding the religious beliefs of the client.

User @Sha63777 commended the act, "Wahhhhh massive respect to you akak! Thank you for understanding our culture."

User @SaiBlossomTreasureLady said: "Really big respect on your service sis...the way you respect all the religions and their culture...huge appreciation for you."

Another user @FarukAnn said the act was exemplary.

"Living under one roof with diverse cultures and religions, respecting each other, thumbs up!"

The video has since garnered a million views and close to 30,000 likes by TikTok users.

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