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#NSTviral: Woman panics as arm gets stuck in office door handle [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A woman was shocked and panicked when her arm was stuck in the office door handle.

In a video that has since gone viral on TikTok, shared by user @mr_zqrul, the footage captures the woman's distress as her colleague attempts to release her arm from the door handle.

"Oh dear, her hand is stuck (in the door handle)," reads the caption.

As her colleague attempted to assist the woman by suggesting that she contort her arm slightly, another man could be heard expressing disbelief as he observed the unfolding incident.

"Weih, ko ni dah kenapa? (What happened to you?)," asked her colleague.

It is understood that the woman, Sara, is hyperactive, and she was playing around with the door handle at the time, as quoted by the online portal.

"We were discussing what to eat for breaking fast when we suddenly realised she had gotten her arm stuck in the door handle.

"I even went to a nearby shop to buy oil in hopes that it would aid in freeing Sara's arm from the door handle, but she managed to free herself before I returned," he told the online portal.

The woman, who has become the centre of social media attention, took a moment to comment on the video, assuring everyone that she was now fine.

"Please don't worry, everyone, I'm safe," she said.

Netizens were both amused and concerned by the incident, which left them in stitches.

"Ya Allah, did you open the door using your arm?" said one netizen.

Another netizen reflected on how curiosity can sometimes lead to dangerous situations.

"Sometimes, curiosity can be risky. I'm the same way. Being curious can sometimes lead to silly outcomes."

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