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#NSTviral: Villagers repair shortcut through neighbourhood to allow drivers to beat Raya traffic [Watch]

KUALA LUMPUR: A selfless act of a group of villagers to assist drivers beat the Hari Raya traffic jam by coming up with a shortcut through their neighbourhood has touched the hearts of social media users.

Zairul Annuar took to Facebook to recount his experience after a group of Chinese villagers in Perak had gone out of their way to facilitate the passage of vehicles through their neighbourhood for travellers heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

"Initially, we took the highway from Simpang Pulai heading south. However, due to heavy traffic, we had to re-enter through the Gopeng junction to take the inner roads.

"Approaching the Ladang Bikam area, our navigation app alerted us of severe congestion ahead and asked if we wanted to take an alternative route. Without hesitation, I agreed, seeing the long red line on the app.

"Thankfully, the new route now showed blue, indicating smooth traffic flow. However, we were led through village roads, eventually reaching a small residential area."

Zairul said, that after passing through the neighbourhood, he found himself on an unpaved road, entering a dark oil palm plantation.

"We continued our journey slowly. Several cars from the opposite direction were visible, stopping beside us, informing us that the road ahead was impassable.

"They directed us to turn back. All cars behind us were also instructed to do the same."

However, after turning back, Zairul said his car was stopped by a group of middle-aged Chinese men in the residential area.

"Boss, you're heading to KL, right? Don't turn back. The road ahead of you is blocked, right? No worries. We'll bring a backhoe to repair that road. You wait a moment," he was told.

"It turned out to be a Chinese residential area. They had collectively agreed to help facilitate the passage of vehicles through their neighbourhood. At the same time, we saw a backhoe swiftly passing us from the opposite direction."

"This is just a quick job. The road has a slight incline, regular cars struggle to pass, only 4WDs can, so we're levelling it, so everyone can pass. But there's no internet on this road."

Zairul felt touched following the act by the residents as they showed care and willingness to help ease the journey for city dwellers returning from their villages to Kuala Lumpur.

"They came out of their homes and worked together.

"The people of Perak are amazing. Powerful. This is the true spirit of Malaysia."

The post, which has since gone viral saw netizens praising the act by the villagers.

Facebook user Nurul Shahida said: "How wonderful they are. Reading this I feel touched…What a way to make new friends."

Another user, Noor Izam Mohd Fadzil called for the writer to return the deed by offering them food.

"I am moved just by reading this. Sir, you have to pass this road again and you should send them lemang and rendang."

Meanwhile, Saliza Duli said: "Wow, a salute to everyone… it's not easy to let outsiders use the roads in your area."

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