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#NSTviral: Selangor residents showcase unity through early Hari Raya decorations [Watch]

KUALA LUMPUR: Although it has been less than two weeks since Muslims in the country observed the fasting month, a group of residents is already gearing up to celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri by putting up decorations in their residential area.

In a clip shared by TikTok user @faizal.nayan showed the unity and close ties among a group of residents in Selangor joining forces to embellish lamp posts within their neighbourhood with vibrant Hari Raya decorations such as the replica of ketupat as well as the star and crescent symbol festive lamp.

The video garnered over 1.3 million views and 140,000 likes, with netizens in the comments section expressing admiration for their close bond and unity of the residents.

One TikTok user, @Zuraidahzakariah9, commended the residents for maintaining harmony among them: "Congratulations to the residents of Setia Eco Templer for preserving unity. It is delightful to see."

@Harmoni119 said: "It seems there are lanterns. After finishing up with Chinese New Year decorations, they came together again to put up Ketupat lights.

"This is indeed harmony and congratulations to the residents of this alley. You are all the best examples."

@Signorina Signorita said: "It is indeed a blessing from Allah to have neighbours who agree regardless of race or religion. It is not easy to find neighbours who agree with this. It is really enjoyable."

@Yaniezzz78 asked: "Are there any vacant houses left? I want to buy and move there. It is so wonderful to have neighbours with such a strong sense of unity."

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