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#NSTviral: Woman brings pet dog to the store, tries to defend actions when told about no-pet policy [Watch]

KUALA LUMPUR: A video of a woman who brought her pet dog along to a store located in a mall in Subang and tried to justifiy her actions has gone viral, drawing flak from netizens. 

The incident which allegedly took place at the mall had been recorded by one of the employees of the store after the customer refused to co-operate.

The video which was uploaded on TikTok by a user called Zetyzarina has been liked by over 30,000 viewers and shared more than 2,000 times.

In the video, a woman is seen holding her pet dog as she entered the outlet.

One of the staff who noticed the dog politely told her they have a no pets allowed policy.

This irked the woman who kept trying to justify her actions with the staff.

Another woman staff can be heard telling her, 'No pets allowed ma'am, no pets allowed."

The conversation between the staff and customer is not clear,  but is good enough to understand what's was going on.

She refused to come back without the dog and the situation seemed to intensify, before security were called to the scene.

The incident allegedly took place on Saturday evening at about 6.10pm.

The video received more than 2,400 comments with most of them criticising the customer's actions.

There were also comments that complimented the staff for his patience and the way he handled the situation, in a polite and composed manner.

Among the comments were from @Capt JFK:This Abang machines deserves a standing ovation. Very well handled. Body Composure. Empathy. Way to go!

Among the comments were also those who wanted to know what happened next, to which Zetyzarina said they called for the security's help.

She also added that the woman had noticed her recording the incident and threatened to take action on her.

However, another TokToker who claimed to be a lawyer replied: Dont worry. In Malaysia we don't need consent to record others if it is in a public place where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

There were also some netizens who said the woman may not be a local, and did not know the rules and regulations in Malaysia.

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