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#NSTviral: Father left behind by family at R&R stop sparks social media frenzy [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: The ordeal of a father who was accidentally left behind by his family at a R&R (rest and recreational) stop, which was captured on TikTok, caught the attention of social media users.

The 24-second video on the incident, shared by TikTok user @bukanbegitu415, depicted the man's confusion and surprise as he found himself unintentionally abandoned at the Tapah R&R stop in Perak.

The short video, with a translated caption that read "POV: In such a rush to get home that dad was left behind at a R&R", gained 1.1 million views and prompted a flood of humorous reactions and discussions from social media users.

User @pikanotfounddddddd_ said: "If it were my father, the grandchildren will hear no end to this"

Another user @supi_360 said: "Automatically blacklisted from the will."

Others shared similar experiences of accidentally leaving family members behind at petrol stations and R&R stops during long journeys.

User @citamku said: "Once, we accidentally left him at a petrol station, we didn't notice he was gone and after driving for a moment, we realised he was not with us. However, he rode someone else's vehicle when we returned to get him. Until now, he always brings it up to the family."

Another user @amymahmud_11 shared her experience: "My mother used a wheelchair. We stopped at the rest area to eat. After parking, I took down the wheelchair, and my mother sat down. I closed the car's hood and walked away, leaving my mother by the side of the car. It was only after driving for a while that I remembered my mother. My husband thought I had already pushed my mother."

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