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#NSTviral: Singaporean star Gurmit of Phua Chu Kang fame prefers M'sian nasi lemak [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: Gurmit Singh, the actor best known for playing Phua Chu Kang in the hit comedy, has declared his preference for Malaysian nasi lemak over Singapore's version of the dish.

In a video with local TikToker Daniel Liew (@danieldineskl), Gurmit expressed his love for the Malaysian delicacy without hesitation when asked about his preference.

"Malaysia. No hesitation," he said when asked the million-dollar question.

Gurmit was seen casually ordering a variety of side dishes with his nasi lemak, including bergedil and fried chicken, fully embracing the local way of enjoying the meal.

Liew, who is a local food vlogger with over 100,000 followers, also conducted a short poll with Gurmit on his preferences between the Malaysian and Singaporean versions of local dishes.

Gurmit shared that he preferred the Malaysian versions of Hokkien mee and chicken rice and the Singaporean versions of bak kut teh, chilli crab, and char kuey teow.

Phua Chu Kang is a beloved character who brought laughter and joy to households across the nation during the 2000s.

Gurmit's fans are thrilled to see him in the video and have praised him for embracing Malaysian culture, including eating with his hands.

User @mamee commented, "Eating with his hands. Approved."

Another user, @knupxtoys, on the other hand, reminisced about Phua Chu Kang's trademark yellow boots.

"He was so famous that anyone wearing yellow boots would be called Phua Chu Kang," he said.

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