Anwar denies policy speech aimed at Azmin

MELAKA: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has denied that his policy speech at the opening of the PKR national congress here, earlier today had led to a walkout by those aligned to his deputy Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

The PKR president in his speech had among others mentioned the traitorous deeds by Si Kitol who betrayed the Melaka sultanate to the Portuguese in 1511, as told in the Malay Annals.

"Eh, that is Malay history. (To another question on whether Azmin was slighted by the parable) If he was slighted by it, then that is his problem. Not mine.

"That is a historical statement recorded in the sulalatus salatin (Malay Annals)," Anwar told reporters when met outside the congress hall at the Melaka International Trade Centre, here.

Mohamed Azmin in an earlier statement claimed that the parable of Si Kitol had served as a gambit for delegates to take potshots at him, violating the truce between rival camps made on Dec 4.

Anwar said only a few staged a walkout and it did not affect the attendance, as a whole.

"Not many (walked out). The hall remains full (crowded)."

When asked if the walkout was also caused by several jabs made against Mohamed Azmin by several delegates who debated the policy speech, Anwar said such a matter was beyond control.

"We cannot control (what would be said by the speakers). We can only advise them that statements should not slight or mention names. Does it have to go to the extent where criticism cannot be made (at all)?

"They asked if there is no disciplinary action taken against (certain individuals), how would I go against them? On parts that we can criticise, I've already provided the 'set' in the policy speech."

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