PKR's success goes beyond number of MPs, assemblymen, says Saifuddin [Updated]

SHAH ALAM: PKR's success in the national political landscape should not be evaluated solely on the number of elected representatives at the federal and state levels represented by the party, says secretary-general Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

Success, he said, is measured its ability to translate and reflect its 'Reformasi' struggles into government policies and programmes for the benefit of the people.

"The party's achievement and success should not be evaluated based on the number of ministers, menteris besar, state executive councillors, members of Parliament and state assemblymen from PKR.

"This is not how we evaluate the performance of the party.

"The actual way to evaluate our performance is how we understand and translate our 'Reformasi' struggles into (government) policies which will benefit the people," said Saifuddin in his speech during PKR convention in conjunction with the party's 25th anniversary celebration here today.

Saifuddin cited the implementation of targeted subsidies as an example of such a government policy.

The policy become increasingly important since the government's commitment continues to increase while the country's revenue is limited.

"A heavy responsibility awaits my friend, (Economy Minister) Rafizi (Ramli). The country's financial resources must be managed effectively with full wisdom.

"We may need to carry out something that may be 'pahit' (bitter to swallow) in the short-term. However, we know that this is the right steps.

"That is why we are discussing about introducing targetted subsidies. And we want to do it the right way.

"That is why we need credible data which resulted in the rolling out of the Central Database Hub (Padu)," he said.

As of today, Saifuddin said there are more than 1.136 million PKR members nationwide.

Selangor, he said, has the highest number of PKR members at 344,386 people followed by 185,004 people in Sabah, Sarawak (86,315), Perak 86,315) and Kedah (68,726).

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