Treat disabled fairly at workplace

LETTERS: The spotlight has turned to fostering a more inclusive workforce, with a focus on ensuring equal opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (PwD).

The amendments to the Employment Act of 1955 in 2022 underline the imperative of non-discrimination in employment, extending protection from gender bias to those with disabilities.

The government's commitment to assisting the PwD is evident through the establishment of the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 (Act 685).

This legislation aims to encourage the participation, development and wellbeing of those with disabilities.

Section 29 of the act addresses access to employment for PwD, emphasising their right to enter the workforce on an equal basis.

Furthermore, Section 29(2) underscores the obligation of employers to safeguard the rights of PwD, ensuring a fair and supportive work environment, including equal opportunities and remuneration for work of equal value compared with their non-disabled counterparts.

This legislative framework signifies a concerted effort to provide equal opportunities for PwD in the workplace, contributing not only to their quality of life but also fostering their engagement in societal affairs.

However, despite these legal advancements, barriers persist, hindering PwD from integrating into the workforce and contributing to social development.

Various initiatives have been introduced to boost the quality of life of disabled individuals.

Employers and employees play a vital role in providing space and opportunities for PwD to lead lives as normal as possible.

Thus, it is vital to create an environment where they do not feel neglected or discriminated against, ensuring that they can contribute to the workforce and society.

The inclusion of disabled individuals in the workforce not only aligns with legal obligations but also fosters a compassionate and diverse work environment.

As a society, it is crucial to be aware of PwD rights, advocate for inclusivity, and contribute to creating workplaces that celebrate diversity.


Director, Workers Unmuted project, Kuala Lumpur

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