Some motorists using their vehicles as a weapon against m-cyclists

LETTERS: There is much apathy and recklessness among drivers of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) these days in Penang.

They can be a menace to other road users, especially motorcylists and cyclists.

Many times I have seen what I can only describe as intentional attempts at using their vehicles as a weapon against the two categories of road users.

In one case, in the touristy Batu Ferringhi area, I witnessed how an SUV tried to cut off a motorcyclist on the blind left side of a narrow two-lane road, nearly hitting the driver rider for no reason at all, seemingly discontent perhaps that the motorcyclist was merely following a queue of vehicles in traffic.

On another day, I saw a similar case, where an MPV nearly hit a motorcyclist on the left lane when the driver cut him off just to turn left nearly 500m away.

Some friends have shared how often they have nearly been swiped off the road by impatient drivers darting out of junctions and not giving any consideration to the rights of other road users.

How often have we been shocked to see how motorists just change lanes all the way from the right to the far left without a thought?

Because such behaviour is so common, perhaps one should not be surprised by the continuing decline of our reckless driving mindset, which translates into a couldn't care less attitude towards their brethren on the road.

One thing we should be reminded of is that drivers of four-wheel vehicles have a metal shell to protect them, unlike motorcyclists and cyclists.

As an observer and victim of reckless and thoughtless drivers, the prognosis is grim as there appears to be a psychosis, i.e. normal people turning into Mr Hyde once they get behind the steering wheel.

Thus, other than the authorities cracking down on reckless driving, I appeal to motorists to spare a thought for road users.

And, if they have had a bad day, take a deep breath first and try to get into the right mindset before driving.



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