Don't get arrogant, Rexy warns Malaysian shuttlers

KUALA LUMPUR: BA of Malaysia (BAM) coaching director Rexy Mainaky has warned his shuttlers not to get arrogant, especially after achieving victories, stressing the need for humility and hunger for further success.

While celebrating Choong Hon Jian-Haikal Nazri's Syed Modi International title win, Rexy said: "There are two ways to look at the pair's achievement in India, the positive and the negative.

"My biggest concern is players becoming big-headed after tasting a little success. This is common among Malaysian players; because when they win, we speak very highly of them and put them on a pedestal.

"Nobody speaks about the struggles behind the scenes, the arguments, and what got them there.

"I don't want to praise Hon Jian-Haikal too much because they are not a finished product yet


"On a positive note, they have shown good progress in just three months, but the real challenge starts now.

"Can they maintain their performance and stay consistent?"

Rexy hinted that Hon Jian-Haikal and the other backup players may get a shot to prove themselves at the Badminton Asia Team Championships (BATC) in Selangor in February.

"It may be too early to talk about them being part of the Thomas Cup squad, but there is a possibility that we will want to see how they perform in the BATC.

"I will discuss with the coaches and see how we plan to approach the BATC. Do we name our strongest lineup as host, or do we want to give our backup players the chance to prove themselves, using the tournament as a simulation before the Thomas Cup?

"Most importantly, I want the backup players not to grow complacent.

"Consistency is not all about results, but also how you think and carry yourself.

Once you become too comfortable, it means you're done," added Rexy.

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