Players can walk out over salary issues

M-LEAGUE players can activate clause 9.7 of their contracts, and leave their teams if salaries are not paid for two months.

Amid the mid-season transfer window (May 3-30), it's a good time as any for players, with bad paymasters, to look for better offers from other teams.

Effendi Jagan Abdullah, arguably Malaysia's most well-known football agent, said in a standard contract, teams are given until the 7th of every month to pay salaries, and if there is a lapse of two months, players are entitled to leave their teams.

However, Effendi, the managing director of Action Football Asia (M) Sdn Bhd, said before the players decide to quit their teams, they should consider the "human" factors.

"They have the right to activate the clause in their contracts, but they should think what the club has done for them. They have been playing for their team for a while, suddenly the team are in trouble, and they want to leave.

"Shouldn't they think of how to help their club and not desert them? There should be some loyalty.

"This (leaving the club) has been done before. Of course, it is legal.

"But what I'm saying is that if the player spent many years at the club, he should give some thought to the club. Talk to them, discuss with them.

"These are just my views. If in the past, the clubs have taken care of them, there's nothing wrong to consider the loyalty and gratitude aspects," he said.

In his 20 years as a football agent, Effendi said he had seen many players leaving due to salary issues, and he urged them to be "educated" in dealing with the situations.

"Players should strictly follow the procedures. Until then, there should be no official approaches made by the interested parties. Due diligence (on following the contract) must be done first, and the player must do his part in this."

It is learnt that players from Perak FC and Sarawak United are considering leaving their teams this month due to salary issues.

Sarawak FA president Datuk Posa Majais, commenting on the matter, said: "All the payments have been made. There were clerical issues we had to settle, hence the delay."

However, several players could leave the Crocs during the mid-season transfer window. Posa said Sarawak United won't be affected drastically as he had initially planned to have only 25 players.

It's learnt that Perak FC, who have been beset by salary woes this season, have just lost their captain, Shahrul Saad, to JDT.

Perak FC chief executive officer Rizal Ali Naizali yesterday denied that the club owed their players three months of salaries, saying they had made payments for March.

However, Rizal admitted that their three imports, Guilherme de Paula, Careca and Leandro have not been fully paid as Perak FC do not have enough money.

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