The grass 'moves' to Sheeran's tune

KUALA LUMPUR: When Ed Sheeran sings, the world dances. And the grass at Bukit Jalil has "moved" too.

The Malaysia Stadium Corporation (MSC) said they had "moved" 1,900 square metres of grass to make way for stage and audio works for tonight's Ed Sheeran concert at the National Stadium.

After a photo of Sheeran's stage works went viral, MSC released a statement that steps have been taken to preserve the quality of the pitch.

Football fans have raised concerns as the national team are set to host Oman in a World Cup qualifier on March 26.

"As a precautionary measure, MSC has moved 1,900 square metres of grass to place the stage and the audio tower in line with Ed Sheeran's Mathematics World Tour theme.

"The grass is placed under intensive care which includes watering and fertilisation to ensure grass health is in optimum condition.

"Besides that, MSC is ready to use grass from the nursery, if necessary. The nursery holds more than 2,000 square metres of grass to cater to the National Stadium's needs."

The statement said dismantling of Sheeran's equipment will be as soon as when the concert ends.

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