Nap time at the altar: Bride's hilarious wedding snooze gets online buzz [WATCH]

NEW DELHI: A video of a bride sleeping during her wedding ceremony has gone viral on social media.

According to Indian cable television station Odishatv, the bride, wearing a red saree, is seen dozing off during the wedding ritual, seated next to the groom.

In the video that has now reached over 50,000 likes on Instagram, the bride and groom are seen sitting side by side during the 'havan' ceremony.

Both of them are dressed in matching outfits. While the groom is sitting up straight and looking towards the priest performing the ceremony, the bride can be seen resting her head in her arms and dozing off.

After a few moments, the groom smiles seeing his soon-to-be wife asleep. He then gently nudges her.

The bride then wakes up, sits up properly, and adjusts her saree.

Since going viral, the video has elicited a number of reactions from social media users.

"This is the best video on the internet today. The groom's reaction is priceless," wrote one Instagram user.

"A priceless and heartwarming moment. He will remember this moment forever," wrote another.

Another comment was: "He is so bored with the makeup."

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