Report: Israel may have advantage in any conflict with Iran

KUALA LUMPUR: A report by an Indian agency highlights the disparities between Israel and Iran in terms of defence capabilities.

Iran's defence budget lags behind that of Israel, with Israel spending US$24.2 billion compared with Iran's US$9.9 billion.

The Israeli military prioritises technological advancement, investing heavily in advanced fighter jets, missile defence systems like Iron Dome and cyber warfare capabilities.

It focuses on quick, high-intensity operations and maintaining technological superiority.

Iran compensates for its older equipment with larger force sizes and prioritises missile technology, including ballistic missiles capable of regional targeting.

"Iran also leverages asymmetric warfare tactics, including the use of proxy forces in the Middle East, and has a significant focus on expanding its drone and cyber capabilities," it said.

Despite Iran's lower defence budget, it surpasses Israel in active troop numbers.

Iran has 575,000 active soldiers, significantly more than Israel's 173,000.

"Talking about air power, Israel has 612 planes and Iran has 551 planes.

"For tanks, Iran has almost twice the strength of Israel, with 4,071 compared with Israel's 2,200," the agency reported.

The agency said Iran also outnumbered Israel in naval strength, with 101 warships compared with Israel's 67.

Israel has 43,407 armoured vehicles and Iran has 65,765.

The report said Israel might have an advantage in a potential conflict due to its 80 nuclear bombs, while Iran officially has no nuclear bombs.

On Saturday, Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles at military sites on Israeli territory in response to an April 1 attack by Israel on Iran's consulate in Damascus, Syria.

The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Iran's attack on Israel on Sunday.

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