CIMB releases new banking app, welcomes customer feedback

CIMB has introduced the CIMB OCTO App, an all-new mobile application for its users.

The future-ready banking app was built from the ground up, developed with invaluable feedback from CIMB's own customers. It is centred around personalisation, and built on a new technology stack with enhanced stability and security.

The CIMB OCTO App will be rolled out in phases and refined with each successive release, allowing users to gradually adapt to the new mobile banking experience. While it is meant to be a successor to the CIMB Clicks App, the CIMB OCTO App currently serves as an additional app that complements the CIMB Clicks App. 


Just like how certain drivers deck out their cars with custom rims and LED lighting, or how customers order their coffee with oat milk and caramel syrup, the CIMB OCTO App is now allowing users to personally customise their in-app experience.

CIMB understands that in a world saturated with data, personalisation helps people to focus on and prioritise meaningful information or content without overwhelming users.

With the CIMB OCTO App, users can now decide how they want to use the banking platform's features.

For example, users can play around with the home screen and choose which features to display. This helps users to quickly access the features they use most often such as Transfers or DuitNow QR, while also creating less clutter.

Besides that, users can also choose to hide certain details on their banking app, like their account numbers and amount in their accounts. This is to ensure better security, especially when accessing the app at public spaces.

In the future, users will also be able to add and personalise widgets within the app to suit their needs.


While brands and businesses are increasingly allowing customers to customise their experiences, personalisation is more than just a trend.

When someone visits a tailor to custom make a suit, the end result is a perfectly fitting outfit that simply cannot be replicated by an off-the-shelf suit.

Similarly, a tailored online banking experience with the CIMB OCTO App means that users will enjoy the benefits of banking features catered specifically to their needs.

For instance, users can get push notifications to remind them to pay their bills or complete certain transactions. CIMB will also offer smart banking solutions in the form of educational guides for users.

Besides that, they will have more card control features such as adjusting limits and card activation service at the palm of their hands.

On top of that, users will also be able to read and access their credit card details within the app itself without having to constantly search for their physical card. Users can also retrieve their transaction receipt easily in their Transaction History.

Do note that the CIMB OCTO App is currently in its early release stage, and updates will be made available progressively, with new features to be added in coming months.

To that end, CIMB encourages customers to provide feedback or comments at this stage, so they can continuously improve the platform in every subsequent upgrade or enhancement.

As a reminder, CIMB Clicks will continue to be available to complement the CIMB OCTO App for all banking needs, including SecureTAC.

Ready to experience the future of digital banking? Head over to Google Play, the App Store or HUAWEI AppGallery to download the all-new CIMB OCTO app. For more information, visit this website

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