#Showbiz: Producer Ayu Puteh crippled for 40 minutes due to Influenza A

KUALA LUMPUR: Film producer Datuk Normashayu Puteh or Ayu Puteh suffered a 40-minute crippling as a result of contracting Influenza A recently.

The 47-year-old mother of actress Wanna Ali said in an interview with Harian Metro Online yesterday that she had been warded in a private hospital for the last four days and doctors are constantly monitoring her condition.

"I collapsed at home after having a high fever which reached 38 degrees celsius.

"Initially I thought it was a normal flu and took Panadol tablets, but my whole body soon began to shiver and ache, until I became paralysed for 40 minutes," said Ayu.

Ayu said that her high fever had subsided but she was still weak.

"The doctors want me to rest until I fully regain my strength."

Wanna, 26, said that she became panicky when her mother collapsed at home.

"I was not at home when it happened, but when my elder brother told me that mum could not move I became terribly worried and panicky.

"Thank God he quickly called an ambulance that took her to the nearest hospital," she said, advising fans to pray for Ayu's speedy recovery.

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