#Showbiz: Sajat reveals cancer battle, asks for forgiveness [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat shocked fans and followers when revealing she is suffering from cancer.

However, she did not reveal the details of the cancer during an edited live session on TikTok.

Sajat apologised to fans and followers and asked that they pray for her continued good health.

"I am actually suffering from cancer. Just waiting to die. If I do not have the chance, the opportunity to apologise, then I apologise. It is very sad.

"If I have said things, cursed, swore and so on, I apologise. If I have any debts, I apologise. Pray for me because when I am sick and unable to do 'live' sessions, there will be no one to entertain you. Pray for me, I am not well.

"Want to talk about me? Go ahead, but please pray for my wellbeing so that I can recover," said Sajat who was emotional during the live session.

Many people apologised to Sajat and prayed for her recovery.

She was also adamant in continuing to entertain followers and fans despite facing pain.

"Even though I am suffering from cancer, I have never disturbed people. I have never disturbed my friends.

"You do not have to feel sad. As long as I can still entertain, I can still enjoy and have fun. If suddenly it goes quiet, that means I am no longer here," said Sajat.

Social media users shared the clip of the live session. Many people expressed their sympathy towards Sajat.

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