#Showbiz: Yusof Haslam chalks it up to fate, son Syamsul did not visit for Raya celebrations

KUALA LUMPUR: "Syamsul didn't come back to celebrate with us this year. But that's okay, we don't mind and we can accept this. All this is 'qada' and 'qadar' (God's decree and destiny).

"But I believe he is our child, his love for his mother and father remains intact.

"It's normal for youngsters to sulk. But we don't take it seriously," said Datuk Yusof Haslam in a Harian Metro report today.

The renowned producer and filmmaker, known by the nickname 'The Six Million Dollar Man' for his successful blockbusters, commented on media inquiries regarding the absence of his son, who is also a famous director and actor, during the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

Earlier in March, Yusof revealed that Syamsul also did not call because he might be quite busy with filming.

The last time the two met in the flesh was in 2022, when Yusof's mother-in-law, who is also Syamsul's grandmother, was sick.

Yusof reportedly said that he understood the situation because Syamsul might be busy with the production of his latest film, Original Gangster, which is expected to be screened at the end of this year.

"Whatever it is for Syamsul, his mother and I will always pray for the best. No father or parent would want to see their son fall," he said.

According to Yusof, as a father, he needs to be mature in the face of such situations that have afflicted his family.

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