#Showbiz: Bella Astillah reluctant to comment on Ruhainies' apology

KUALA LUMPUR: Aliff Aziz's wife, Bella Astillah, is reluctant to comment on the recent public apology made by Ruhainies, following the massive controversy that has hounded all three artistes.

Bella, or Dayang Ara Nabellah Awang Astillah, said she was currently focussing on her divorce trial at the Syariah Court as well as her artistic career.

"Alhamdulillah, I'm okay. I apologise very much because right now, I want to focus on the Syariah Court trial.

"So, I ask for everyone to pray for me," she said in a news report yesterday.

When asked about her relationship with Sarah Yasmine, the woman who claimed she was Aliff's girlfriend, the mother of two chose to keep mum on that as well.

"I'm currently just focused on work. I don't know if there are any 'updates' (regarding Sarah's latest post on Instagram). I'm not commenting on that," she said.

Before this, Ruhainies appeared to make an open apology to Bella via Instagram Stories.

Ruhainies, or Nur Ruhainies Farehah Zainul Ilyas, reportedly hopes to meet with Bella to fix the situation.

Meanwhile, Bella denied that she had received a court order demanding her silence which prevented her from revealing the truth on the scandal surrounding Aliff and herself.

"I did not receive any (court's gag order), but everything depends on the advice of my lawyer.

"Now, I am focussing on my career. The rest will be dealt with in court because that is for the best," she said.

The controversy between Aliff and Bella blew up when the actor and singer was caught for khalwat with fellow artiste Ruhainies in a luxury condominium here, in March.

After claiming to have been cheated on by her husband 11 times, Bella filed for divorce at the Kuala Lumpur Lower Syariah Court here, on March 11.

The singer and actress tied the knot with Aliff on Sept 9, 2016, and the couple have two children, namely Mohamad Ayden Adrean,

7, and Ara Adreanna, 4.

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