#JOM! GO: Malaysia Airlines is top 30 best international airline

MALAYSIA Airlines is ranked 26th best airline for flying in the 2022 Airline Index, revealed Bounce.

The national carrier scored 83.98 per cent for on-time arrival rate, 8.01 per cent for cancellation and 3/5 scores for meals, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service.

The research was carried out by analysing 62 of the biggest airlines in the world on factors such as their on-time arrival rates, cancellation records, customer ratings and free luggage offerings. But only 50 airlines made it into the index.


The neighbour's national carrier, Singapore Airlines recorded one of the lowest cancellation rates over the year 2021 at just 0.19 per cent, paired with a solid on-time arrival rate of 86.04 per cent.

The airline ranks as the best international airline, is also one of only five airlines on this list to record 4/5 and above across meals, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service.

The cherry on top is free checked baggage allowance of up to 30kg on domestic and international flights.

The runner-up for the highest ranked international airline is All Nippon Airways (ANA) with exceptional on-time arrival rate of 89.14 per cent and scores a triumphant 5/5 for staff service (alongside 4/5s for meals, entertainment, and seat comfort).

ANA also offers the largest free checked baggage allowance of all airlines on this list at 46kg for international flights.

ANA's international travel network connects passengers to major destinations such as China, Southeast Asia, the United States and Western Europe.

Ranked as the third best international airline is Korean Air, offering solid on-time arrival and cancellation rates, 84.33 per cent and 0.92 per cent.

Korean Air scores 4/5 across meals, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service alongside offering a free carry-on allowance of 12kg.

The airline runs two very popular routes from South Korea to America, and over the summer, the airline ran 14 flights a week (twice daily) from Incheon to Los Angeles and 14 flights per week from Incheon to New York.


Part of the last 10 airlines is AirAsia, sitting at number 42, thanks to flyer's experience.

However, its record is not too bad compared to the other lowest-ranked airlines with 84.47 percent on-time arrival rate and 1.95 per cent cancellation rate.

Sitting at the bottom of this list is Indonesian-based airline, Lion Air with a disappointing record of 42.27 per cent on-time arrival rate paired with a shocking 34.43 per cent cancellation rate. This means that one-third of Lion Air flights were cancelled over the last year.

Lion Air scores just 1/5 on meals and inflight entertainment and 2/5 on seat comfort and staff service.

Another Indonesian-based airline that takes the second last place is Wings Air. The airline has poor on-time arrival and cancellation rates which are not much better than Lion Air; 49.78 per cent and 20.63 per cent respectively.

In addition, Wings Air received 1/5 ratings for meals and entertainment and 2/5 ratings for seat comfort and staff service.

Flydubai ranks better than the two Indonesian airlines with its on-time arrival and cancellation rates at 79.05 per cent and 6.17 per cent respectively.

The airline earns its spot as the third-worst international airline with poor ratings of 2/5 for meals, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service. It provides no free baggage allowances.

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