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Mother of three dreams of a bright future beyond bars

BENTONG: "I had no intention of hitting the woman, but when she fell off the motorcycle, the tire of my car ran over her leg," said a female prisoner known as Hudar, 46.

The incident which occurred six years ago led to the death of the victim, allegedly her husband's lover while receiving treatment at Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital (HTAA).

Hudar, who is also a mother of three children, previously operated a roti canai business in Kuantan. She received a 12-year prison sentence for manslaughter and is currently serving time at Bentong Prison.

Hudar, originally from Thailand, said the woman was a friend who ran a business in the same area, selling chicken rice.

She claimed that her husband had a relationship with the woman after a few months of the chicken rice business starting.

"Initially, I didn't believe it when a friend claimed to have seen my husband and her going out together. To verify the claim, I attempted to spy on them.

"To confirm, I confronted them, and both denied having a relationship.

"One night, I encountered them riding a motorcycle, and in the heat of the moment, driving the car, I accidentally hit the back of the motorcycle, causing them both to fall," she explained when interviewed at Bentong Prison recently.

Hudar clarified that despite her anger, she never intended to cause the woman's death by hitting her leg; she only wanted to teach them a lesson.

After the incident, she promptly filed a police report. It was then a friend informed her that the woman had passed away at HTAA.

"I'm remorseful, but the damage is done. I accept my manslaughter conviction and 12-year sentence.

"I'll be released in 2026. The prison sentence taught me valuable lessons. Regardless of our anger, we must not act recklessly," she said.

Hudar eagerly awaits freedom and envisions starting a more meaningful life with her children.

"Almost every month, my children and friends visit me in prison. I can't wait to start anew," she said.

Currently, she is honing her cooking skills and making cakes while in prison.

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