District police chiefs told to place personnel to ensure smooth traffic at flooded areas

KOTA BARU: All district police chiefs in the districts affected by floods have been directed to place their traffic officers at the flooded areas to ensure the traffic flow smoothly.=

Kelantan police chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun said the officers were deployed to the eight districts that were affected by the third wave of floods.

The districts were Pasir Mas, Tanah Merah, Machang, Jeli, Kuala Krai, Gua Musang, Kota Baru and Pasir Puteh.

"To ensure the operations carried out by the rescue agencies go smoothly and they did not face any difficulties, all district police chiefs were told to place officers to check on traffic flow and ensure motorists do not park their vehicles anywhere they like.

"We do not want their vehicles to block the vehicles belonging to the rescue agencies like what had happened in Lubok Stol and Rantau Panjang recently," he said in a statement.

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