Padu updates: Malaysia expects influx of registrations ahead of subsidy rollout

PUTRAJAYA: The Economy Ministry is anticipating a surge in registrations on the Central Database System (Padu) as the cabinet finalises and approves the targeted subsidies' implementation mechanism, expected as early as next week.

Its minister, Rafizi Ramli, said the number of current registrations has reached 1.63 million, including those of children under 18 who have completed the registration process.

"As of 4pm today, 1.29 million adults have registered on Padu, with registration patterns showing fluctuations since the platform's launch," he told reporters at the Statistics Department (DOSM).

Rafizi said he expected a significant increase once the cabinet gives the green light to the implementation mechanism of the targeted subsidies.

"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will announce the types of subsidies for different groups upon approval and at an appropriate time."

He said the ministry had already submitted the list to the cabinet for approval today.

Rafizi is hopeful that targeted subsidies can commence in the second quarter of the year upon completion of the registration process for the 9 million households.

"The plan is to focus on data gathering and preparation in the first quarter to ensure readiness for implementation in the following quarter," he said.

Rafizi reaffirmed the commitment to ensure the inclusion of everyone, particularly those in the lower-income category, in the government subsidies.

Acknowledging challenges in expediting the registration process, he said interventions were needed to increase momentum before the March 31 deadline.

Rafizi said the highest registration rates by state are from Putrajaya at 9.8 per cent followed by Sarawak (7.8 per cent).

Encouraging proactive engagement, Rafizi urged Malaysians to register and update their details on Padu promptly, emphasising the significance of this information as a comprehensive data source for the government to formulate targeted subsidy plans for various groups.

He cautioned against waiting until the last minute to register.

To broaden outreach, officials from the Digital Ministry, Economy Ministry, and DOSM will intensify efforts to engage with Malaysians on the ground.

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