Special internet package for p-hailing drivers to ease their difficulties

KUALA LUMPUR:  The unity government continues to demonstrate its ability to unite, carry out its duties and focus on helping people from various backgrounds, skills and experiences.

Earlier today, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil today announced that p-hailing drivers and riders could now enjoy internet services at a price as low as RM33 with a data plan of at least 40GB offered until April 23.

Fahmi on his Facebook page revealed that the idea was mooted after he met a Foodpanda rider, Nazirul when he wanted to go to his office in Lembah Pantai here.

Fahmi said that the father of two is the only breadwinner and he has two small children and only earns RM4,000 per month.

"That amount is not enough to cover the increasing cost of living. Even milk and baby diapers are expensive, sometimes you have to bear the medical costs of family members, and there is no savings at all.

"He has not been able to pay the phone bill for two months. There was a time when he had to borrow RM200 from his friends just to pay the bill, considering the use of the phone is the most important need for a rider.

"As a father, I quite understand the challenges he faces. After chatting for almost 40 minutes, an idea came up to do something to help our riders community," he said.

Realising that p-hailing is the backbone of the food and beverage industry and they were also among the frontliners during the Covid-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order, Fahmi said their role was crucial in facilitating people's daily affairs.

"After the meeting, my office has started a series of discussions with all the telcos to propose a special Internet package, specifically for riders only. I fully understand that as a private company, these negotiations are not easy.

"Praise to Allah, today (yesterday) I met all the telco CEOs (chief executive officers) and among other things, we reached an agreement that the telco will provide a special package for all p-hailing riders in Malaysia with a special discount. Thank God, I will announce this package tomorrow (today).

"The government understands the hardships of our riders who work hard to deliver food and packages for everyone, especially under the scorching sun and heavy rain. This is a small victory for all workers in the p-hailing industry.

"Thank you riders for serving all of us all this time. The Madani Government listens to your complaints and we hope that this effort can to some extent ease the difficulties and help you in carrying out your daily duties," he added.

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