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#NSTviral: P-hailing rider continues delivery on foot after motorcycle seized [NSTTV]

SEREMBAN: A video of a p-hailing rider continuing his delivery after the Road Transport Department (RTD) seized his motorcycle at a roadblock went viral on social platform X today.

In the video, the rider was seen setting out on foot, presumably to complete his delivery order despite the setback.

Negri Sembilan RTD director Hanif Yusabra Yusuf said that the delivery rider's motorcycle road tax and insurance had expired.

He said that the action of confiscating the motorcycle was taken with the purpose of ensuring the safety of the rider himself and other road users, as the rider had no insurance coverage.

X platform user @ikhwzul said that the RTD would not have confiscated his motorcycle without valid reasons, adding that they were simply doing their job.

Another user, @FTX_44, suggested that the enforcement officer's actions were justifiable as his road tax had expired, which led to the confiscation.

Meanwhile, netizens also addressed their concerns over the unfortunate incident, saying that he was only making an honest living and the RTD officers could have issued a warning instead.

"It's important to show empathy, and instead of confiscation, issuing a warning would be more appropriate. Once the vehicle is confiscated, the process of getting it back can be challenging," said @shahrulRomlee, adding that the delivery rider would surely be more cautious in the future.

@fern1na9_ said that road tax expiration was still tolerable and RTD could have issued a warning as he may be struggling to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, Nazzuan Rohaidin claimed that he was willing to financially assist the delivery rider.

Since being posted, the video has amassed 99,300 views on X.

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